Meet Gina


Hey there! Welcome to Sassy Skinworks. I am Gina.  If you are looking for the typical, boring spa experience with that depressing spa music, then I am NOT the the girl for you.  I am a little different.  You never know what you will hear playing, I dress in jeans and tees. I sometimes speak fluent sailor. I ride motorcycles.  I shoot guns.  I drink whiskey.  I like to have fun.   I am Sassy!


As en esthetician, I offer full body waxing for men and women.  I can offer sugaring, but I’m not as fast with sugaring….yet…so there’s a $5 up charge.


I perform facials, customizing your skincare routines to your needs and concerns. Dermaplaning is one of my favorite services to offer.  I also offer microdermabrasion. I’ve also added facials for underarms, backs, butt cheeks, etc. Yes, you can get a vajacial here too.


I also offer spray tanning and Lash Lifts….not extensions.  I don’t have the patience for that.


Skin care products and waxing packages are also available in my online store.  New things are being added regularly.  So stay tuned.


A couple of things you need to know prior to booking…


  1. Walk ins are never guaranteed.  The only way to guarantee an appointment is to book through my site.

  2. My site does require a credit card to book.  It doesn’t charge you at that time.  That is just to protect me against last minute cancellations and/no shows. If you don’t allow your card to be saved when booking, your appointment may not be accepted.  I do NOT have access to your card info. It is completely secure.

  3. I have a 24 hour cancellation period.  I charge $40 for last minute cancellations and no call/no shows.  Respect my time as I respect yours.  I’m easy to get along with.  If you have a problem, I just ask for enough respect from you to call me.

  4. If you come back for your Brazilian wax or a facial within 6 weeks, I give you a $15 credit. Yes, every time.

  5. Yes I offer referral credits. Refer someone to me and both you and your referral will receive a $20 credit for services.

  6. Leave a review and receive 10% off of your next visit.

  7. Check in or tag me on Social Media and receive $5 off that same day.

  8. To my male clients….inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  None. Zilch. Zero.  (You should know that I am also a firearms instructor).

  9. I am a 1 woman show.  Please be patient if it takes some time to respond to a call/text/email.  I promise that I will get back to you as soon as I can.